A week of changes!!

What a fabulous week this has been for our house. It's really come out of the ground, literally! These are mostly just pictures, but it's been fun to stop by each day after work and record the changes.

MONDAY: Framing on the first floor.

TUESDAY: Framing started on the second floor.

A look from the back of our lot.

WEDNESDAY: Framing continued on both floors.

THURSDAY: Trusses up for the roof and all the walls on. You can even see someone still at work at 5:30 :)

FRIDAY: The stairs went in and we went upstairs for the first time.

The view from our bedroom.

SATURDAY: Pre-plumbing complete, and our soaker tub installed.

We love our House! (and hope you're enjoying the pictures, cause we like to take them.)


Steph said...

Sooo, who took the picture of you guys haveing a romantic moment in the tub? haha