Crafty Craft

Look what's sitting outside our front door...

This year I wanted to beef up my Halloween decorations, but not until after the holiday was over so I could buy stuff on clearance.  I bought two craft pumpkins and decided to paint them- it'll be nice to have pumpkins to decorate with that don't go bad after a month and can last right on past Halloween to Thanksgiving. The brown and orange I painted by hand and then added glitter hot glue as an accent and the grey and cream I spray painted (which was easier).  

I really like the way they turned out and it looks great with my dead corn stalks from the garden. Happy Fall to All!

Halloween Haunts

Here are some of our fun Halloween Pictures- there are so many great things about Halloween:

Pumpkin Carving
Pumpkin Treats
Candy Corn
Dressing Up
Trick or Treating
and the list goes on...

We had an FHE and carved our Dracula pumpkin and then had a smiley photo shoot with our little man.

His dad had him laughing and laughing

Another day just hanging out and looking good- both father and son.

I made some pumpkin bread bowls for a dinner we had with some friends.

Here are the Super Salony's- Captain America, Wonder Woman, and little Flash Gordon. We ended up wearing our costumes four times and had a lot of fun at all the Halloween activities we attended.

On Halloween day I made some spooky food that we enjoyed- they didn't turn out as pretty as I'd seen online- but they were fun. 

Here are the deviled eggs with spiders on top.

And the Ghost pancakes (I definitely needed to label these)

Lastly, here's a little photo shoot of my favorite little Flash Gordon. Thank you to his Aunt Stephanie for the mask and cape which inspired the costumes for the whole family.


During Mid-October we flew our nephew Mick up for a trip to Washington for doing so well in school. We took him on a pretty good and exhausting tour of Seattle.  He got to the Tri-Cities on Wednesday evening and on Thursday morning we got in the car and drove to Seattle. Our first order or business was to see the Space Needle and take a trip to the top. 

After some fun at the Space Needle we went next door to EMP- they have a lot of cool Sci-Fi displays to look at and the music rooms are fun to play around in.

Roderick was so great in the front carrier- he liked being held close and being able to look up at whoever was carrying him.

This was just a fun thing between the parking lot and the EMP.

After some dinner at Mod Pizza it was dark and we took another trip to the top of the Space Needle to see the city by night. 

On Friday we started the day and Pacific Science Center- we saw an IMAX and got to go into a butterfly room, which was my favorite.

Here's Cameron and Roderick with a T-Rex in the dinosaur room.

Another cute shot of Roderick enjoying his Seattle visit, this time in the stroller.

The afternoon took us over to the Aquarium- Here are Cameron and Mick in front of a huge tank of fish- we even found one that was missing an eye!

Saturday started at the Museum of Flight- look at this cute little Astronaut!

After the museum we caught a harbor cruise and got some great pictures of the city.

By Saturday evening we were all pretty tired, but I fit in a little shopping trip to IKEA with just Roderick and I :)

On Sunday we attended church and had the pleasure of watching a Primary Program before stopping at a few key photo ops on our way out of town. Here is the Fremont Street Troll.

The view from Gasworks Park.

And Roderick and I with some of the pipes at the park. It was a great trip and it was fun to take Mick and Roderick around Seattle.  There's no better indicator of a successful trip than coming back tired and happy!

A Mother's Mutterings

I must confess I've have most of this post put together for almost 2 weeks, I don't know why I haven't posted it- but here it is finally.

There are a few things I just need to put on here because I think it's funny.  The first is my memory- it hasn't been the greatest lately and I blame it on the lack of sleep. Last month I went to lunch with my co-workers and it wasn't until late that night that I realized I didn't put on mascara. No one said anything but I'm sure someone had to notice! Then about a week later I forgot my whole bag of make up on our trip to Seattle, so I just went without makeup for a day until we had time to stop at Walmart.

I don't know if it's just me but I think that baby clothes are funny. All baby clothes should be labeled the same. It can really be confusing for a new mother! I can understand the 3-6 month size but the clothes that say 3 month and are for 0-3 months has really thrown me off. I even thought I had it all figured out and bought a onesie to go with Roderick's Halloween costume and it wasn't until I was putting it on him that I realized I had purchased a 3 month size when I meant to buy 6 month (which means he barely fit into it for Halloween and doesn't get to wear it any more).

Roderick's now in 3-6 month clothes and as I was sorting out the smaller clothes and bringing in the bigger clothes I found there were a few things that several months ago I had naively put with the larger clothes but they were 3 month size clothes (the smaller size) and they'll just have to be stored away without being worn. It's sad putting away the clothes you like and knowing your little baby isn't so little anymore. :)

Here are a few pictures:

I liked this one because it looks like he's raising his hand while he's sleeping, and I just love a sleeping baby

Here's that cute boy looking over my shoulder in his cute crab pajamas- one of my favorites from a baby shower

This was on Sunday October 28th- doesn't he just look nice and chubby- I love those cheeks!

I took photos a few times to show how Roderick has grown now that he's 3 months old. On October 30th he weighed 14.8 pounds and measured 24 inches long.  

Roderick still loves to be held and that means that I get to snuggle and cuddle with him a lot. He's getting more hair on the top of his head. He loves to talk to us and listen to us sing. He's full of smiles for everyone. He likes to look in the mirror and now gets excited to see himself.

The last time in this outfit- as you can tell it was getting a little snug

And then moving up to the next size and needing to roll up the sleeves :)

Another great sleeping pose- Touchdown!!

We wanted to make sure and show how much he drooled all over his shirt while sitting in his bouncer- something about the bouncer makes him drool big time if he doesn't have a binkie in his mouth.

This little sheriff is all worn out

And lastly, Roderick slept in his crib for the first time on Monday, November 5th. We snuck in and took a few pictures after he was asleep. He had slowly been moved out of our room to right outside our door and now that he's three months he's in his own room and in his crib. Now to sleep through the night!

Last Saturday, November 10th, we took Roderick to his first football game to meet two of his uncles. It was a lot of fun to see them up here in Washington!

We found this warm winter jumpsuit for Roderick to wear to the game (it reminds me of the Christmas story) and got a cute picture of him in the fall leaves. 

Here's Roderick with Uncle Jordan...

...and Uncle Brian.

I found this cute little get up for Roderick to wear to church. I think he looks debonair!