So I started looking at our pictures from Thanksgiving and realized... I hardly took any. We left New Orleans on Wednesday the 24th and drove over to Irving Texas to spend Thanksgiving with my family. We had a pretty good group there; Elise, Matt, Cohen, Beckett, Jonathan, Jordan, Cameron & I.  It was also my first time meeting Beckett. What a cutie!  The pictures that I do have are from 6 Flags over Texas. We had a fun time and I got to ride lots of rides with Cohen.  My favorite kid's ride was probably "Taz's New York Adventure" like a miniature version of the "Rocket" at Lagoon. My hips were sore after getting off because the seat was so narrow.  Another day while we were there we went to the US bureau of printing and engraving.  Pretty neat stuff.  All in all the entire vacation was a great hit, seeing new things, family, and new baby's.