Christmas (In the blink of an eye)

Here's a quick run down from Christmas...

We had quite the hassle with our flight out of the Pasco Airport and ended up bumming a ride with another couple (that we hadn't met before) up to Spokane to fly out the next morning.  There was so much fog in Pasco and so many flights had been cancelled that it would have taken 2 more days to fly from Pasco.  

Once we made it to Utah... our first evening was spent with both our families.  We rode Frontrunner down to SLC to see the lights at Temple Square.  It was a lot of fun especially with little Matt and Cohen playing the whole time. This picture is from when they were showing each other their muscles.

Here's Macai, he's just so chill and happy all the time.

This is Matt in the Visitor's Center, we went up to look at the Christus.

Again, these buddies holding hands.

This is Melisa at the reflecting pond. We were so glad to be home and get to spend time with our family!

At that's it from Temple Square.

On Christmas Eve, my brother Jordan, Cameron & I went bowling.  As you can see Jordan got his name on the wall with the high score of the day.  I almost beat him but really botched the last frame.  Either way, it was a personal best for me. Cameron and Jordan were laughing the whole time at the way I look when I bowl, but I don't care because although I might look funny to them I can knock the pins down.

Here's a good one, Cameron and Mike just having a little fun with Matt's new train set.

We had a wonderful Christmas and are grateful for the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We love our family and the time we get to spend with them!