A Visit

If any of you have noticed, I prefer to post pictures and not write a lot about them.  Here I've tried to balance it so you know what's going on.

During March we had Ron & Maria up to Washington to celebrate Dad's 50th Birthday.  It was a fun weekend, and boy did we do a lot... they arrived on Thursday and had a fun evening watching Cameron's Documentary and playing the Wii. 
On Friday, Cameron took them on a day trip to see almost everything between here and Portland.  Their first stop was the mini re-creation of Stonehenge and the Maryhill museum and sculpture garden.

Then they drove over Bridge of the Gods.

And when they reached Multnomah Falls, Ron and Cameron decided to take the hike to the top.

This is the view from the top.

When they got home we had a party starting with Ron's special request homemade stuffed crust pizza, and finishing up with a candle topped cake.

On Saturday we drove up to Seattle for a day full of fun. We started at Pike's Place Market and met up with Maria's cousin Jesus. I bought some fun dried flower arrangements which I was excited about because the last time we went I saw the cheap live flower arrangements but couldn't get any since we weren't going straight home. These were pretty and I can keep them forever.

We rode the monorail from downtown over to the Space Needle.

And we took the ride to the top so we could see the whole city.

When we were finished at the Space Needle we headed over to Gasworks Park, by that time the sun was starting to come out so we got fun jumping pictures.  (It's too bad I was looking down)

This is the view from Gasworks Park, you can see the Space Needle on the right and the downtown skyline on the left.

I couldn't pass up a picture of the Duckboat. I have yet to take a Duckboat tour, but I love them.  When we were in Seattle last summer we were walking around and heard some of the commentary from one of the guides as they sat at a light.  I can't remember what they said but we laughed for a while.  Plus, who doesn't like a vehicle that can go on land or water?

This is my artistic 'flare out' picture that I personally took.

The next item on our tour agenda was the Fremont Troll.  It's just cool that there is a random cement sculpture holding a VW Bug in one hand and having a hubcap for an eye. I like things like that.

And then as the day was winding down we stopped into a free museum for a few minutes and headed to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, Jesus treated us so well that we all left several pounds heavier.  

I must say, if you come visit us, we will show you a good time (and most of Washington), plus we just got a bed for our spare bedroom, so we have somewhere for you to sleep. Again, we had a great weekend and were so grateful to spend some time with Ron and Maria. 


Emily and Ryan said...

Sure looks like you had a good time! Ron & Marie look adorable. I've never met them, but seem wonderful.

Brooke said...

I wanna visit! I want to have a tour of Washington! Hopefully we can come soon!