Weekend Warriors- Episode 2

We have been busy on the weekends lately.  The weekend after my parents came into town we went camping up at Tucannon.  We'd tried camping here in Washington once before, but didn't pick a great place and it never cooled down in the evening.  Tucannon was further from home, but a really pretty and fun place. We went with two other couples and it was nice to have a little group and be able to split up meals, etc.

Here we are with our camping friends, the Guthrie's and Morris'.

Have you ever tried eating an egg cooked in a fire pit?! Cameron has...

On the way home we found a small town celebration of sorts with a camel and stellar library book sale.

Stay tuned for episode 3 coming soon-


Stephanie Curtis said...

This is kind of random.

This looks so fun! You guys really are warriors. I hear that the other weekend was a success.

Your hair looks so long and cute. You are amazing. I am so excited to see you.

Heather Salony said...

Thanks and thanks, I just got really excited thinking about seeing you in just a few weeks!! Yahoo