Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! and Randomness

I think it started back in November or December, but I was sitting in my office one morning with my two office mates and we were listening to the radio.  They said something about calling in to win free pastries so my co-worker called, and won! They brought us these yummy pastries that everyone enjoyed and after that we kept calling in on giveaways.

I've won each of these things on separate occasions:
3 car washes
$25 at a bakery/deli
$25 to Applebees
$10 to a Chocolate/Candy store
2 free tickets to the home and garden expo
And a couple lottery scratch tickets

See this big pile of candy? This is what I picked up from the home and garden expo, it was great just stopping at each table just to pick up a piece of candy.

I made some cupcake pops for the birthday of one of the girls in my Primary class. They turned out really cute and I think they are easier to make than just the plain cake pops.

I went to this fun even a couple of months ago, it was called Project: Craft.  My good friend Sarah invited me and it was A LOT of fun.  Just a bunch of ladies getting together to craft, visit, oh and there were giveaways that had been donated from various Etsy shops. :) I started these cute Easter eggs and they turned out great, it my eyes.  I bought an old book, some old music, and used some old stamps to cover the eggs and just used Modge Podge to make it stick. A fun, easy, and cheap craft which is just my style. 


Anonymous said...

I'm totally copying you with the easter eggs, cake pops, and calling into radio cool!