Explosive Mount St Helens

We look a group day trip over to Mount St. Helens on July 8th.  We were glad we didn't have to drive our own car and could sleep and read and relax on the bus because it was a long day of driving. Our 'main' stop was at the Johnson Ridge Observatory. It had great views and we could have spent several hours there since they had many hiking trails that left from the observatory.  

It was interesting to see all the surrounding areas and how they've been affected and changed. There was also a video that showed how things looked before and how the volcano and ash completely changed rivers and lakes, etc.  At the end of the video the screen came up and then huge blinds opened to give a panoramic view of Mount St Helens.

Next time we go we'd like to spend a night camping over there and then buy the permit to hike to the top of the ridge...let us know if you'd like to go with!