So Cal

Yup, I'm just flying through these posts... Cameron has said if I catch up then he'll do some posts about his fun work trips, so I'm motivated to be up to date.

Just two weeks ago we 'jetted' down to California to visit Ron and Maria.  It had been about two and half years since I had been down and we were excited to visit. We also decided that we didn't want to go to any amusement parks or anything so we found some different attractions to visit. Also during the trip we gave Ron and Maria some 'firsts.'

We arrived late on Thursday night and on Friday we headed down to San Diego for the day.  Our first stop was the Olympic training center, a 155 acre facility.  It was really neat, a great facility, and we had a great tour.  They operate solely on donations, so visit to donate.

This is their BMX track...

Field Hockey...


A funny/cool statue...


It's a great place, here's a picture of Cameron and Ron.

And we got a few pictures out front before we left.

Then we headed to Cabrillo National Monument and the Point Loma Lighthouse. I didn't realize until we got there that I had visited back in 2005 on a family vacation.

Ron loves lighthouses, but had never actually been to one, so we were happy we got to take him to his first one.

The view of San Diego behind us.

I liked this picture because the lighthouse is just small up there on the hill.

This is the National Monument.

Cameron took this funny picture of a picture :) Ron loves to snap pictures of everything, and I was just sitting here when he came up to take my picture, so it's very true to life.

After the park closed we headed to the beach for a picnic dinner.

And a shot of the sun streaming through the clouds and the light bouncing off the water.

That night we went to an improv show similar to "Who's Line is it Anyway." It's called "National Comedy Theatre" and they were clean, funny, and well priced.

Those are all the pictures I have, but on Saturday we stayed local and had authentic Mole with Maria's family and then did some shopping at the Mall. We also played card games that night and it was Maria's first time playing with face cards.

Can you believe we did all of that in one weekend, we didn't even have to take off any work thanks to our rotating Friday's off!  It was a great little trip.


Stephanie Curtis said...

All of your posts look great. I have a picture very similar to the one of the one on the hill. I can't believe you did so much. It looks warm and fun.