Welcome back to...

Hello blogging world and friends! Yes, I know that I have been MIA for a long bit and I'm not going to make any excuses, it just didn't happen.  As I am now getting back on track I figure that I should go in order.  

We are big murder mystery party people, as you might have deduced (we even attended a murder mystery last night). Back in October we had a fun night with our friends the Russell's. It was a Star Trek murder mystery that had been given to them as a gag gift but we were excited to use it even though we don't know too much about Star Trek. I made our costumes by sewing two shirts together and they turned out pretty snazy. 

Cameron was Data and I was Dr. Beverly Crusher. Here we are in our sweet get-up at the party. I'm holding a map of the Voyager and an 'orb.'

I guess Cameron was in character for the first picture so here's a smiley picture.

The pants that I found at the thrift store totally gave me a mom-butt. It was sick and made me laugh a lot.

Here's our lovely hosts and great friends, the Russell's, as you can see there was plenty of 'bubbly,' so much actually that Matt was double fisting it by the end of the night.

What a fun party! Dressing up is fun, it makes me feel like a kid and I get to use my imagination, everyone should do it regularly, that's why we have Halloween, right?


Anonymous said...

ha! we have to have to hang out again soon! you guys are the best (Matt agrees)

Stephanie Curtis said...

So glad you are back!! I have missed you. I live vicariously through your amazing fun. So please keep me updated.

I love your costumes they look so good. In regards to how your butt looks in those pants, let me just say TOP NOTCH.

PS sorry Cam about the Super Bowl. They were so close.

Love you.

Heather C Taylor said...

Your costumes are AWESOME! I'm so impressed!