All Good Things Must Come to an End

It was really nice to have a few days right at the end of our trip to not feel so rushed and see more around Sydney.

On December 4th, Cameron's birthday, we had a nice, warm, sunny summer day- which he's never had before. We had to got off the boat and check back into our hotel but then we started out into the city.

This is Hyde Park, just kiddy corner from our hotel and we walked through several times and I had to get a picture next to the HP.

We went down to the PowerHouse museum, but unfortunately couldn't get into the Harry Potter exhibit as it was sold out. We did go through their other exhibits and spent a good four hours there while looking at some neat things and enjoyed the hands on stuff we could play with.

After the museum we went to Darling Harbor and explored around.

That night after dark we went back down by the Opera House for more pictures and to soak in the essence and grandeur of the city.

December 5th, was when Cameron's Birthday was being celebrated here in the states, so we counted it as another day to party. We headed to Bondi Beach but unfortunately it wasn't the best weather with some wind and rain.

At one end of the beach the waves were really crashing and you can see it here in the picture behind Cameron. They almost look like clouds.

There was a pretty walk from Bondi Beach to Bronte Beach that we took but right as we got to Bronte Beach it really started pouring and we had to take shelter underneath some rocks.

By that point we had done a lot of walking day after day so we just went back to the hotel for some rest and then a nice dinner.  Too bad the weather didn't allow us to just chill on the beach all day.

December 6th was our travel day- with the changing of time zones as we flew it was a REALLY long day, akin to almost two days. We didn't have any problem with our flights and got some good sleep and movie watching in. 

This was definitely a trip of a lifetime and we were so blest to visit the beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand!