A Little Introspective

I've been thinking a lot about my blog in the last few days. Over the weekend I read 'Heaven is Here' by Stephanie Nielson of nieniedialogues.com. It was a WONDERFUL book which I'd recommend to anyone but after finishing the book and thinking about my blog I realized I want to change a few things that I've been doing. 

First, when I originally started The Salony Squib it was because we were moving away from family and I wanted a way for everyone to see what we were up to. It's been 3 1/2 years and now that Roderick's here I want to share lots of pictures so everyone can see him as he grows. I know I LOVE to see pictures of my niece and nephews and want others to enjoy that with Roddy.

Second, I recently met someone who asked me what hobbies I enjoy doing. This question always makes me pause and think before responding because during college it seemed like life was just work and school and following graduation it didn't feel like there was much time for hobbies after 9 hours of work. Just time to come home, make dinner, relax and get ready to start all over again.  I've been thinking about my hobbies and what I enjoy doing and realized I have a lot that I want to share- Travel, Exercise, Baking, Sewing, Piano, Organization, Reading, Random Crafts, etc. 

I hope you enjoy what I start to share on here and know that this is just my little place to share what I'm up to and what makes me happy!

 To make good on my new emphasis here's a few pictures I've snapped in the last few weeks. We've noticed his eyes are seeming a little bluer and we hope that sticks and he has eyes like his dad. Also, when the sun hits his hair it looks like it could be auburn- so it's fun to imagine how he'll look as he continues to grow and change.

Here he is at 8 weeks on 9/24/12. He really started smiling big and we've just loved it. One evening Cameron walked in from work and Roderick was laying in his swing, when Roderick saw Cameron he burst into a huge grin- he loves his Daddy!

Here he is at 2 months/9 weeks on 10/1

If you look at his arms in the next 3 pictures he's holding them just the same :)

Some smiles in the bathroom after having his diaper changed.

Playing with some toys


Adam and Brooke said...

I hear ya about the hobbies - now that I'm home and have more time, I need to get going on all my old joys! :) He's looking as cute as ever!

Kara M. said...

I need to borrow that book from you! Glad to hear you are going to start blogging more. :)