Beautiful Baking

I'm sitting at the computer listening to Roderick talk to himself in his bed- it's so darn cute I want to go and play with him, but he should be napping and I don't want to mess that up and disrupt him!

I was so excited last Wednesday- there was a chill in the air promising that Fall was here which made me think of wrapping up in a warm blanket, getting out my sweaters (and sadly putting away the shorts), and all the delicious smells that the fall season brings - which took me to the kitchen. I love to bake- and one of the things I love to bake is bread. My favorite college class was Breadmaking 101 at Dixie State College.  It was awesome to have one night a week where we made some type of bread and hung out with friends in a lab on campus.  This last week I've spent some time in the kitchen- which consequentially made everything else suffer. I'm still coming to terms with how long it takes to do everything with a baby.  I've been meaning to try this recipe for a few weeks now and finally had some time- 

Copycat Cinnaburst Bread from Great Harvest

It turned out pretty good- not the same as Great Harvest, but still delicious! This last week I've also made Pumpkin Zucchini Chocolate Chip bread, and homemade fruit leather in addition to some wonderful dinners of homemade pizza and spicy chicken tenders with curried couscous salad by Giada.  I better let the oven rest and get my house cleaned and decorated for Halloween!


Adam and Brooke said...

I need to get your recipes from you! Sounds delicious!

Kara M. said...

I can attest that the pizza was quite tasty! I'm sure the other stuff was great too! I love fall time too and being in the kitchen! Glad you're keeping busy

StephanieRose said...

Bread making was the best! I wish I was your neighbor- it sounds like you have had a lot of success in that kitchen. I made your enchiladas yesterday and Ethan was in heaven.