Wow, Crazy, Really?!

So my life feels like a whirlwind lately. I'd like to start with crazy things from the last two weeks:

-I had my last day at Conservice. (I'll miss my job and all the great people)
-Cam & I almost missed our flight to Cali when our tire blew out on the way to the airport.
-We got a new (used) car from Cam's Dad. It's a definite upgrade!
-I received an offer to work for Dept. of Energy in Cincinnati, Ohio.
-Because of this Cam & I ALMOST decided to move to Ohio rather than Washington State.
-I got my wedding DVD back, and LOVE it! David Perry Rocks!
-I packed up our little basement and moved out of Logan.
So I've been pretty busy, and almost lost my mind. The evidence is clear when I got all ready to go to the airport today but then checked my itinerary and realized that I leave tomorrow afternoon. Good Thing, but I guess I'm just anxious to get there. I'm a little nervous going to Washington DC for a month, just because it's so foreign and I don't want to be a naive little girl from Utah. I'm sure once I get there I'll figure out the Metros really quick and end up a pro. Anywho, I'm almost all set to go now so keep watching, I'll be posting pictures and stories from our adventures as we go!
Look out Washington DC, Here I Come!