Our Nation's Capital

Well I've just competed my first day here in DC and it's been great!! I flew in at 12:30 am, which was actually earlier than expected and surprising after 2 delayed flights. I slept in a little before getting going, guess I had a little jet lag :) My first ride on the Metro was a good experience and I feel more comfortable with that now. I'm glad the Stephanie and Patrick are here with me as I figure things out. They're great, and I'd be lost and confused without them. Our first museum was ...

A definite must see, and very touching. They wouldn't allow pictures inside so this is the best I could do.

By the time we got done there Cam was getting out of work/training, so we met up and went to the National Museum of American Art and the National Portrait Gallery. They share a building and there were some cool things inside.

A cool indoor court that had water flowing on the ground over some stone, I hope you can tell what I mean from the picture.

A picture of Joseph Smith, there was one of Brigham Young right next to it.

Doesn't this look cool? It's actually made from tin foil and it's cover trash. They found it in an artists garage after they died.

Cam & I looking like ghosts with contemporary art behind us.


And that's pretty much it. We went to eat at 5-guys which is a YUMMY burger place and finally made it back to the apartment with tired feet.

Not a bad day!! Yea for Washington DC