Thursday-- My Favorite Day Every Week

We got a good start on the day today. First things first, Air and Space Museum Annex that's out near the Dulles airport. I liked this astronaut hanging out, and the freeze dried ice cream from the gift store. (I was going to buy some online a while ago but it was too expensive!!)

Since we were driving around in the car all day our next stop was Arlington National Cemetery. It's SOO big. Here's Stephanie and I in front of the Iwo Jima Memorial.
The changing of the guard. (We had to hustle to get there as it started. It took us longer to walk than we'd expected.)
Then we came back into DC to the National Archives, they had some cool stuff in the Public Vaults display and I was surprised with how faded the Constitution was.
By that time Cam had caught up with us. He bought me this diamond....J/K But here's the beautiful Hope Diamond from the National Museum of Natural History, it's a looker indeed.
And finish up with a picture of us with an Elephant.

Yipee Yeah Yeah