Hind Sight is 20/20 with President Obama

Wow, today is one of those days where so much happened that it's hard to believe it all happened today. It was the best weather we've had today and I was enjoying it. After a speed walk around town first thing we went to the Washington Monument. It was such a cool view, here's a few pictures, me outside at the base and then a view from the top. The second picture gives a hint to the third picture. . .

I had made reservations through Rob Bishop to take a tour of the White House. There were a list of restricted items that you couldn't take, including bags and cameras. They didn't have anywhere to store them so we found the Willard Hotel were we checked the bag and decided to leave our cell phones in there because I thought they wouldn't let them in. Once we went through security we found out that President Obama was about to fly in on Marine 1 and we got to stand out on the lawn and see him.
Hind Sight is 20/20 I wish we had our cell phones to take pictures like everyone else.
It was so cool, we were about 100 feet away and he saluted and then waved to the small crowd of us as he got off and went into the Oval Office.
Our short tour of about 5-6 rooms in the White House was really cool!! But the best was getting to see The President!!

After our White House experience we went through the Air and Space Museum on the Mall and stopped by the Museum of American History.

Only in Washington D.C.
Tomorrow is the weekend, that means a trip to Virginia Beach (I'm hoping to find a "Virginia is for Lovers" shirt) and Philly on Sunday. I'll keep you posted!