Weekend Catch Up

If the week has been busy then the weekend has been busier and left me no time to post. On Saturday we got up and left here at 5:30 (I had to detach myself mentally to fathom that) and drove to Virginia Beach. We got there at about 9 am. The sun was coming up and it was warming up nicely to be a beautiful day.

We took a stroll down the boardwalk and took some pictures as we went. I put my feet in the water and boy was it cold. In contrast, I forgot to put sunblock on the part in my hair and it got burnt :( After grabbing a to-go pizza from a local restaurant we went out to one of the oldest lighthouses. Cape Henry Lighthouse was built in the colonial days and George Washington actually appointed the first keeper of the lighthouse.

The nice ladies let us go up without having to pay $4 a person. Here's some pictures from the climb and the view.

It was nice, but I counted the stairs and got to about 115. My thighs have been suffering the consequences from the climb for the past few days. There was a national park close by where the "First Landing" supposedly happened 13 years before Plymouth Rock. There really wasn't anything there, just trails to hike or bike and we were ready to get back so we didn't even get out of the car.

A friend of Cameron's had tickets to the Georgetown Hoyas game at the Verizon Center that started at 5 so we came back to DC and almost 10 steps out of the car my flip-flop broke. It was a pain to try and walk around and after the Hoyas beat the Blue Demons I decided to try and find some replacement footwear.

Which wasn't so bad because it forced me into a store I've looked in but never been able to buy from because of their prices... Urban Outfitters. I got some plain light green little tennies and it felt really good once they were on my feet. We ate dinner at Clyde's and our table was in the "Atrium," so all around it was a very enjoyable meal. Oh and I almost forgot that there was a girl selling girl scout cookies on the street so I was able to buy a few boxes which added to my elation...and that wraps up Saturday.

On Sunday we didn't get up as early, but we headed north to Baltimore where we stopped for church before heading onto Philadelphia. There was so much to see and after seeing so many pictures and videos of Independence Hall was just like I imagined it, I could almost see Ben Franklin coming in the door. The Liberty Bell was the first thing that we saw and it just amazed me how much early American History in the immediate area.
I loved this quaint little street that has been the longest inhabited alley in American. And Edgar Allen's Poe's House was prime for a photo shoot.
We had to drive to get to the Art Museum but it was worth it to run the steps that we've all seen in "Rocky" I loved this action shot I got of Cam!
And lastly before we made the 3 hour drive back we needed to fill our stomachs...with an authentic Philly Cheesesteak. It's was heaven on a bun!

It was such a fun weekend and we're all looking forward to next weekends adventures already. One of the best parts about the weekend was being with Cam all day and getting to share everything with him. None of this would be without him and I Love Him!!