Since I've been here I can't help but break everything, it's frustrating!!

On Thursday I broke my purse strap as I was running to see the changing of the guard, on Saturday I broke by flip-flop, and today I dropped my camera. It's not working right and hopefully I can get it fixed. I feel bad especially because it's "Cam's Cam" He won it at my work party in September with his mad skills.

Now I have a purse that holds things but I can hardly hold it, I'm down my favorite pair of AE flip-flops, and I can't preserve my memories in picture form.

So...everyone pray that it's get fixed and we can keep taking pictures on our trip!

Our itinerary for the day was the Bureau of Printing and Engraving where they make $$$, the Museum of Natural History, and the Hirshhorn Museum of Art and Sculpture Garden. I wasn't in a very good mood all day after I dropped the camera and just tried to forget about it so I could enjoy myself but it's been a real downer. Stephanie and Patrick have the camera right now, they took it to a shop to see what the prognosis is, Thank You!!