Isn't it Loverly

Today has been such a fun/chill/great day. When we got into DC we were walking to the Old Post Office tower and walked right past H & M, with Brooke recommended to me. What a great store, I found a cute new purple purse to replace my broken unicorn purse. I'll definitely need to spend some more time in that store before we leave. The Tower at the Old Post Office had a great view, I think I liked it more that the Washington Monument just because there we MUCH bigger and you could see everything so well. Our tour of the Ford Theatre was at 11 and it started late so I had time to read the whole pamphlet beforehand so I was very educated. It was cool to see what it looked like and to also walk through the Peterson House where Lincoln actually died. After we ate lunch we split up and I spent the rest of the afternoon on my own. I rode the Metro up to Union Station. It's such a pretty building!! I went right next door to the National Postal Museum. I enjoyed all of the displays and the free things that I got (and the not free things that I bought in the museum store.) By the time I was done there I headed over the the National Building Museum. I was so surprised when I walked in and it was HUGE. The middle of the building is just open with huge pillars and there was even a bird flying around! There were only about 3-4 exhibits but my favorite part was their shop. It was the best one that I've come across here in DC. There were fun toys and wacky books and creative cooking utensils made with silicon. When I got done there Cam was off for the day so we raced through part of the National Art Museum and part of the American History museum. After we got home and ate dinner we took a walk up the street to get Frozen Yogurt. Turns out it was listed in our phonebook here but it's been closed for like 2 years, good thing there was a cute little Gelato shop across the street. It was SOO good and a perfect end to our day.

What a good Tuesday!!
PS these are pictures from my cell phone. I'm taking our camera to a camera repair store tomorrow morning for a diagnostic.