Week of Wow

Right now I'm happy and content with the day. After taking the camera to the repair store we went to the Supreme Court. The Court Room is beautiful but they don't allow any pictures. They basically told us all about the building and how everything works (it was interesting, but I did get a little tired as she was talking).

Right next door is the Library of Congress. My favorite parts were the Lincoln Exhibit "Malice towards None" and the Bob Hope exhibit. I could have stayed in the Bob Hope section for a lot longer with a chair because there were so many videos and jokes/sketches to watch and read through. I need to watch more Bob Hope movies, he cracks me up!

Stephanie and Patrick decided to go into the Capital Visitors Center and since I'm going to go with Cam another day I headed down to another Smithsonian. Walking down Capital Hill was fun and it made me really happy when I started to notice trees along the way that were blossoming. They were beautiful and so full of new life. Here's a few pictures...

This is a Magnolia Tree in front of the Air and Space Museum.

And I just liked this flower because it reminded me of the orange Orchids that were in my wedding bouquet. I started at the Freer Gallery of Art and Stephanie, Patrick, & Cam eventually met me there. It has a lot of Asian art and those that know me know I love that "look." The collection was really diverse, I liked the Chinese art that tells a story and so it's written out on a plaque so I could read it as I'm standing looking at the picture.
That's pretty much it for the day, Cam and I came home and had to go through a bunch of benefits so he could get us enrolled. Yeah for insurance! Oh and that reminds me, I got a call the other day from CHPRC which is a contractor for DOE in Washington State. They are interested in me for an HR position but it throws a fork in things that I'm not there now to do the interview so I'm waiting to see what happens, I should find out tomorrow.


adamkristalee said...

I like that you post so much. I like reading about all the things you and Cam are doing! Thanks for starting a blog!:)