I did something and now my blog's fixed so you can post comments. Let me know if it does anything weird again.

There have been a lot of good things that happened today. I bought a new camera this morning. It's pretty much the same camera and I found it at Best Buy for $70 since it was just the camera (no battery,cords, etc) it's a good thing I have all accessories. Armed with a new camera and feeling good Patrick, Stephanie, and I went to the ZOO. Nothing spectacular to report there, we did see the three famous Pandas there and they told us that the Mom might be pregnant again with another baby panda. Besides that it was the zoo.

Here's me pointing at the Panda, look closely and you can see him pacing. I think it's a funny picture.

I loved how colorful the Taucan was

And this spider grossed me out. Look how big it is with it's huge web and THERE'S NO CAGE, it's just loose, someone could reach out and touch it! It gave me the willies!

Also, I got a call from CHPRC and they set up a phone interview for 6 pm. I got home and was ready when they called and we talked for an hour. I thought it went well, a few hard questions to answer, but overall I feel really good about it. I would love to get a job working there. It would be doing staffing. Since there is a lot of stimulus money going to Hanford it will create a lot of jobs that need to be filled...and it might be me staffing those positions. I'll be hearing back from them early next week, so hopefully it's good!

We also planned everything out for our weekend trip, and boy will it be packed. New York, Boston, Plymouth, and lots of driving. Wish us luck, hopefully it all goes according to plans.

I'll be back to posting on Sunday.


Elise said...

YAY!!! Finally I can comment :) I hope things work out for you on the job, glad you got a new camera, and I just have to say that I HATED that part of the zoo with the spiders all over the place. I pretty much ran right through that building. UUUGGGHHH

Jayson and Kassi Madson said...

Hey Heather! I'm glad you got the comment posting enabled, I was wondering what the deal was! I'm so glad you started a blog, it looks like you guys are having way to much fun! that's sooo awesome! What are you there for anyway? I hope everything with your job and life continue to be spectacular!!