Weekend Warriors

I'm back!! I got all these pictures loaded last night but didn't have the energy to type anything so I'm taking care of business first thing this morning.

The best and greatest thing I have to say is that it looks like I have a job in Washington State!! YAY!! I spoke with CHPRC on the phone a few times on Friday and I've unofficially been offered a position, just have to take care of a few technicalities but I should be starting work there on March 30. I'm really excited, it will be a wonderful opportunity and I'm so glad that I found something in the HR field!!

In regards to vacation and what has been happening here in DC there's been a lot of travelling... On Friday morning we went to the Kennedy Center and took a tour, mid-tour we got a text from Cam saying that he was off even earlier than expected for the day, which was great news. We hopped in the car and were on our way out of the District by noon.

When we got to the great New York City at about 5 we first stopped by ground zero. They are building there, so there's not much to see but we saw the view into the pit and a few memorials that were scattered around.

Then we speed walked over to Wall Street (no joke). Here's the New York Stock Exchange.

And us with "The Bull"
We had dinner with Patrick's brother John, who let us stay at his apartment on Friday and Saturday night. They were great hosts and took us to dinner and then for dessert. Here I am in this Italian pastry shop called Rocco's. So many good and hard decisions.

Bright and early on Saturday morning ... I take that back, early Saturday morning, at 5 am we took off up the coast towards Boston. Our first stop was Gillette Stadium. The Patriot's are Cam's favorite team and this was a real treat!

Now if you haven't already gathered, we have speed trips, go somewhere, say you've been there and keep on moving. So our next stop was Fenway Park, and then Harvard. Here's a picture of the super smart Salony's.

Next on our list was the location of the Boston Tea Party. Turns out the museum burned down so there wasn't much to see, but I did almost throw Cameron in the water!

After a few other stops in the city we headed to Plymouth. I really enjoyed it there. We ate at a great Indian buffet, looked at the Rock, took pictures and then .... headed back to NYC of course.

As we were taking pictures I took a mini photo shoot of Cam. He's got some great poses, but here's just a few.

Saturday night in NYC we took a romantic walk along the Hudson and rode the Staten Island ferry to see the Statue of Liberty and skyline of the city better. It was an exhausting and fun weekend!


Ms. Case said...

Um excuse me...but how much more fun can the two of you have?! I mean honestly. ;)