Here and There and Everywhere

I think that I'm starting to slow down on my blogging, it just takes so much time everyday, so I might start cutting back to every other day depending what's going on. Monday I started the day by taking care of a bunch of business, and then headed to the Gallery of Art to spend some quality time there. SOO much to see, I only got 1/3 through it in about 3-4 hours, so I'll need to go back again another day to finish everything I want to see there. When Cam got off work we went to the National Indian Museum and then met a bunch of Cam's coworkers for Sushi and some Gelato. Its was a fun day.

Tuesday didn't exactly turn out like I would have hoped. I planned to go to the Washington DC temple but luck wasn't on my side. I had some directions and followed them out on the Metro and then caught a bus. The bus was supposed to take me right to the front of the visitors center, after an hour we reached the end of the route and I hadn't seen the temple. I didn't have the address and the bus driver probably thought I was crazy but I just had to give it up. After 3 hours I was back to where I started and went to the Mall for some shopping. When Cam got off work we met at the Pentagon to see the September 11th Memorial. It was really cool because there was so much symbolism from the way things are facing to the height of a wall.