So long, farewell

Sorry if this is a long post. I had so many pictures to choose from, I had 327 from the last 2 days!! I guess I've just seen some things that were really impressive. (I took a lot of pictures of art and had to take a picture of what it was and who the artist was with each picture, so that took a lot) I can't believe that I leave today. It's gone by so fast and it's been so fun.

On Tuesday I went to the Upper Northwest neighborhood of Washington DC to Washington National Cathedral. It's so impressive, it took them about 90 years to build completely because it was funded from private donations. I took a short tour and then just snapped pictures.
The architecture was amazing and though I can't remember the proper name for everything I do have an appreciation for it because I took Art History my freshman year where we studying lots of cathedrals.

This next one I thought was really cool. In the middle of the red stained glass is a moon stone!
I walked back from the Cathedral down Massachusetts Ave and saw a bunch of embassies on my way. My destination was the textile museum, which didn't really have much so I headed to Anderson House. WOW, it's an amazing building and there is so much in there. When the Anderson's died they didn't have any children so they gave it to the Cincinnati Society who owns it now. I liked this next picture, everything in the arch is painted, so it gives the illusion of being deeper than it is.
Just half a block from the Anderson House is the Phillips Collection. (Where I took a lot of pictures) They have a lot of modern art. This is one of the first that I saw.
And some really popular pieces like "Luncheon of the boat party" by Renoir.
Cam and I had such fun on Monday night going to see the Monuments that we decided to do the same thing on Tuesday night. We first went to the Iwo Jima memorial, which was only a 5 minute walk from our apartment.
And then we wanted to go over to Theodore Roosevelt Island. It was quite an adventure, there weren't any lights out there. We're walking towards the monument and a small critter darts away from us, and scared me pretty good. Not sure what it was but it was just picking through the garbage.
From that point on I was pretty jumpy. We did get some pictures but without any other lights some were harder to see. It was an adventure out there in the dark, and of course Cam thought it was funny that I was jumpy the rest of the night, any sudden sound and I got startled!

Since we couldn't see too well I went back to the Island on Wednesday morning. Little did I know that Wednesday would be walking day...

After those pictures I wanted to walk to Hains Point at the tip of East Potomac park to get a pic of the "Awakening" which is the arm that comes out of the ground. Well I walked around the whole park, it took me over an hour and it wasn't there, I was irritated and my feet were already tired :) I walked up to the monuments and got several pictures with the Cherry Blossoms, too bad I'm missing the festival that starts this Saturday but I'm glad that I saw some, I just wish more had been blooming, most were on the brink of coming out.
I then took a bus up to Georgetown so I could see Dumbarton Oaks, but I was misinformed on dates and would have to pay an entrance fee since it's past March 15, so I just walked through the streets in Georgetown (wish I would have had time to shop in some of those stores) and then went to the DAR museum.

When Cam got off work we went to the Gallery of Art East Museum, which is more modern. Here's some pictures in the Concourse. Cam's in front of water and I'm on a lighted walkway that reminded us of Star Wars.

These were some cool shadows from some hanging pendulum thingys.

And then after eating dinner at 5 guys we went to a Washington Wizards game with a bunch of Cam's co-workers. The Wizards pulled off a close win, I was so surprised at how empty the arena was compared to the Energy Solutions Arena.

And of course to end a great night-my last night in DC- we got a yogurt at Tangy Sweet.

Thanks for the great time DC, I've had a blast!!