Cameron and I have had some great times up here in Washington already. This past week we’ve been shopping for couches, which is a grown up thing to do. We’ve found a great deal on a set we like, but we have a few options that might work out cheaper so we have to look into those before we can make our purchase. They are a sage green color, reclining sofa and the love seat rocks, which we like.

Over the weekend my work hosted a job fair so I got to work both Friday and Saturday. It was a pretty big deal. When I got there on Friday mid-day there was a LONG line. Turns out we had close to 2,500 people there on Friday and around 1,600 there on Saturday. It’s a lot easier to be working at a job fair then looking for a job like many of the people there. My heart really went out to those that were there desperately looking for any type of work. Sunday was such a nice day. Conference was so uplifting and all of the talks inspired, I told Cameron that I could have listened for a lot longer. It was weird watching from 9-11 am and then 1-3 pm being in a different time zone. We were lucky enough to be able to watch from a families home so we didn’t have to go to a church building. It was a beautiful day and after conference we went on a little stroll down by the Columbia River. Cameron was trying to take pictures but it was hard for me to look into the sun without having a pained expression on my face. These are a few that made the cut.

The weather has really been acting like spring, it’s such a nice surprise to walk outside in the evening when it’s dark outside and not have a wave of coolness wash over you. It really put a smile on my face Monday night when it was the same temperature indoors as it was outdoors and then coming out of work today it felt like the perfect temperature. I rolled down the windows and enjoyed the breeze the whole way home.

I thought I should post some pictures of our apartment as it is now. You could call this our apartment, or our camping spot. This is what you see when you come in the front door. The Rubbermaid is our table :)

And here's where we rest our heads at night. We'll feel like kings when our bed gets here. (We haven't really minded the floor and I've had a few co-workers offer to let us use an air mattress but so far we've been OK)

It's all worth it to have these...

And the nicest looking part is our bathroom. I'd say it's 3 times bigger and nicer than our bathroom in Logan. We bought this shower curtain and some bathroom rugs our first night in the apartment but are waiting for the rest of our stuff to come before buying anything else for the house.

We did get some good news today that the soonest our stuff could be here is on the 9th. I don't believe it will, but hopefully Friday. That way we'd have the weekend to start getting it put away. So here's to wishful thinking!!


michelle said...

Heather, I love reading your blog...so glad to hear you guys are doing good. What is your job exactly? Aslo, that is the exact same shower curtain that we have :)Hope all is well!

Elise said...

I like your shower curtain! Cute! I hope you get your stuff soon.