This is how we do

I don't have any pictures from our camera this week, so I'll just add this...
We bought our sofa set!! This is what it looks like, except in a dark sage color. It had to be ordered but we should be getting it in the next month. This was the first set we looked at and after looking some more we didn't find anything we liked better. We're super excited to have them come and once they get here we might just become couch potatoes because we like them so much!!

Cam and I had a wonderful Easter. We went to church in our new ward which was nice and then had lunch with Shannon's family (a friend from DOE) and dinner with a few couples that I work with. I thought it was just great to have some real homemade food rather than processed frozen food that we heat up in the oven :) On that note our "stuff" is being picked up tomorrow morning from my parents house. It's being moved with other things that aren't ours and it could take up to 8 days to get here. Doesn't that seem crazy?! I'm hoping for Thursday or Friday morning. I'm excited to get Internet at our apartment, it will be so much easier in a lot of respects. At the same time, I've realized what a time waster it can be. When you only have an hour here at the library you get done what you need to and there's no doddling.

I've been meaning to write about what Cam & I do since we don't have the Internet or TV connected. Each week when we come to the library we check out TV on DVD and watch them on the laptop. We've watched Numbers, CSI:NY, Scrubs, and a few others. The ones that I'm checking out this week are Full House and and few classic movies. :) They really have so many good seasons of TV here to check out for free and we've been capitalizing on it. In terms of Internet we use the apartment lobby when we need something quick...but the other night we wanted to watch the episodes of Lost that we've missed so we went to a Hotel parking lot and used wireless Internet to watch. It was pretty funny, especially when we had to go home for a half hour to charge the battery a bit more so we could finish the second episode.

Hopefully next time I blog it will be from my own computer in the comfort of my own home :)


Elise said...

I just have to say that I love that you used the word "doddling" in your post. I also laughed quite a bit picturing you watching lost in the hotel parking lot and then having to go home to charge the battery of your computer in the middle of it.