What Ever Happened to Predictability?

Disclaimer: This blog and the pictures therein are in no particular order, I don't want to take the time to rearrange them because I have a good book that I'm in the middle of and it's calling my name.

This weekend has been nice for me to get a lot of things done since our stuff isn't here. (It will get here on Tuesday the 21st. Yay!!) Anyway, these first pictures are of me trying to start being Heather Homemaker since I only worked on certain aspects of that in the short time we had in our small basement apartment in Logan. I didn't want to invest too much in a place where there was limited space and buy things I'd have to pack up and move.
As Spring is blooming and there are so many beautiful plants all over the place I wanted to get some cute plants. There's a big window above the sink in our kitchen, when we looked at the apartment I said to Cameron, "I like that window above the sink, it'd be perfect to put a few plants right there." I found these terracotta planters at Home Depot and they are green, brown, and blue. The flowers are Ranunculus' and I've liked them ever since I started looking for flowers for our wedding.

This weekend was also a long weekend. Every other week we have "Hanford Friday's" off. We work 9 hours every M-TH and then 8 hours every other Friday which gives us 80 hours every two weeks and every other Friday free! So that explanation was to morph into my next pictures. I got off on Thursday and was excited for the weekend. At the same time I was pouty because I had wanted our stuff to come on Friday the 17th and it wasn't. I had been planning on the weekend to unpack and really move into our apartment so I knew I'd have a lot more free time. I stopped by Joann's and was looking around and came to the bead isle where they had most beads 40-50% off. There are a few girls that I work with that have beaded lanyards for the badges that we have to wear 24/7 at work. They bought theirs from a lady in the building next door. I thought they were really cute and wanted one but didn't want to pay $15. I had thought, "I could make that no problem," so when I saw the beads I decided I would make my own beaded lanyard this weekend. This is it! I like it a lot and it only cost me about $8 and I still have left over stretchy cord, hooks, and crimping beads if I wanted to make more. Maybe I should start selling them for $10 and start some competition :)

Something else I got this week. I've wanted one of these for a few years, ever since my roommate Heather had one at Utah State. Such a handy home tool kit. I've used it numerous times already and all the pick accents are just so pretty. I'm excited to use the electric screw driver to see how that works.

These next two pictures are from my last day in DC where I stopped in 4 of the Smithsonian's to catch a few exhibits that I'd missed.

I was so glad that I made it back to see all of Degas' sculptures and artwork!! Probably my favorite from the Gallery of Art. The magnet I bought of one of his paintings was the first thing on our fridge.

I don’t know if you can tell from this picture, but this is a scar that I have on my hand. I’ve had it for about 2 months now. I thought it would disappear but now I’ve resorted to rubbing on a scar treatment about 3 times a day and the container says to do it for up to 5 months. It’s all a bit ridiculous for a measly scratch. That’s right, it’s not like I had a major wound on my hand, I just got scratched by a tree branch as we were moving and it bleed just a little on one edge and now I practically have a deformed hand J/K but I can’t believe that it hasn’t disappeared on it’s own.

To close I'd like to share a few small fun things from this weekend.

1- I've watched about 7 episodes of Full House. Such good lessons in each episode.

2- I couldn't stand not having an iron any more and have run out of work clothes that didn't need ironing so I bought a new one (the one in transit is a cheap one from Walmart that I don't like anyway). Last night I ironed clothes on my bedroom floor. I thought they were looking good but then I hung them up and they didn't look as immaculate as I thought. Good thing the iron should be here Tuesday to redo the majority of them.

3-I went to about 5 thrift stores here in the Tri-Cities. Now I know which ones to return to, which ones don't have much worthwhile, and which ones are rip-offs.

4-I got my hair trimmed and it feels great. No one but myself really notices but sometimes that makes all the difference.

5- I did some more exploring in the area and feel like I know the lay of the land a little better.

6-I took my first trip over the river to Pasco. Went to Yoke's for fresh Friday and got some great deals on Strawberries and Bananas.

7- Finally found a phonebook so I can find things better.

8- Went to Burlington Coat Factory for the first time in my life. Wow it's big, how have I never been inside one before now?

9- I can't believe I almost forgot ... I got the Internet and Cable set up!! Hallelujah!!

10- Took a beautiful walk outside and got a frozen yogurt. Cam & I love this little place here, Sweet Treat. I got a Raspberry Peach swirl and it was Delicious.


Shauntae Marie said...

Full house is such a good program and you are such a good, beautiful homemaker.