I kind of liked making a list last week, so here a list of 5 Highs:

1- Cam came home from California on Monday, he was there for the weekend and I missed him a lot!

2- He brought me home some Coldstone from Yakima since we don't have one here in Tri-Cities. He made a great mix and we've been enjoying it all week together.

3- Our "Stuff" got here on Monday night!! YAY!!! A day early than we expected. Oddly enough they told us they had picked it up that morning in SLC, so turns out that it just sat there for a week before they brought it up, how dumb is that. I'm over it though because it's all here now and after 3 full weeks I get to sleep on a bed again.

4- We went to a comedy club on Friday night that was just opening, the first guy wasn't very funny but the second guy really made us crack up.

5- On Saturday night I made Cameron go to High School Musical 2 the play with me. I'm a big fan and we had some friends that were in it, who did fabulous, it was lots of fun!

Aren't Sunday's wonderful?

One of my favorite Sunday activities is getting the Sunday paper and going through the ads. Today when I was looking through the ads I came across this joy. Does anyone else remember them from when they were little? Now it's cool to wear them when you're an adult too!! As you can see from the picture it's a great deal and I hope this facilitates some purchases. (Hopefully you can read the website address at the bottom.)

It was so refreshing to take a Sunday nap today on a bed, there's just something about a Sunday nap that's different from every other day of the week. I'm thankful for Sunday naps!

Another thing that I enjoy doing on Sundays is baking. Today I made some banana bread in my bundt pan that my Father-in-law got me for Christmas, it would looks so pretty. I think it turned out great.