Life is Grand and I'd like to see the canyon that bears it's name

First off, Mad Props to my wonderful, smart, funny, bff, and sister Steph! Congratulations on graduating, you are one smart scientist. I love you and miss you!!

A funny story from this week took place on Saturday evening. Cameron and I had just got out of the X-Men Wolverine movie, which was great, and stopped by Shopko. To my glee the carnival that they'd been setting up the last few days was running, in the rain. Cam and I walked through and it was empty because who wants to ride in the rain? There was a carny that wanted us to play a game. He told us there was a winner every game and that Cam could win me a prize. When we declined he told Cam, "Come on, you can't be a loser your whole life" This gave us a good laugh and Cam whispered in my ear, "At least I'm not working at a carnival."
So take a minute, appreciate your life and think to yourself, "At least I'm not working at a carnival." And if you apologies.

I did catch a picture to help us remember our funny experience at the parking lot carnival.

These next few pictures are to show that we're slowly getting our house together. We're still waiting on our sofa set but hoping that it will get here this next weekend. The first picture is right above our fireplace.

These are my flowers, dead and gone. I think they needed to be in a bigger pot and so they slowly died and now need a replacement.

One of my real pride and joys from this weekend is our new bookshelf. A lot of the boxes we had were full of books and we've been needing to buy a bookshelf. This baby filled up quick. What can I say, I love to read?

And lastly in random news for the week I had a very classy and expensive dinner this week, and of course, it was free! My boss took our department out to dinner on Thursday night to a restaurant that's on the river. It was lots of fun and the food was great, my steak cost $33 which makes me curious to what the total bill came out to. I feel like a grown up.


Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

Cute home-decorationyness! We hope you two are doing well, and miss you!! And woot woot for free steak ;) Take, the sorensens

StephanieRose said...

Well thanks for the props! I can't wait to come and see your lovely apartment... and speaking of carnivals- are you suggesting I don't try and work at one the next couple of weeks? I love you and miss you!