Dream, Dream, Dream

Today, and everyday, I'm thankful for my Mom. I LOVE HER! She's so wonderful and I wish I didn't live so far away now because I love spending time with her. Happy Mother's Day!

I'm trying to think of what I can say that others would actually be interested in hearing, and since I can't think of much I'll just say a little and post a few pictures.

This past week I've felt very reminiscent and have just had random memories pop into my head, when I was eating an
the other day I had this picture pop into my head of us kids sitting on the garage steps eating Otter Pops, we loved them and they were always a treat when my mom would buy them because we usually only got "twin-pops" and these were so much cooler. Now a days when I eat an Otter Pop I wish it was bigger like the huge 5 oz. ones we found in St George, those were great!
These pictures are a dream... of what Cameron and I hope to be seeing this fall. When I typed in Mediterranean in Google these pictures popped up. We have been planning for awhile to take a trip over to Europe in the fall. In the past few weeks we've decided more specifically that we want to go on a Mediterranean Cruise. I hope we see lots of views like this!
These are the cruise lines we're deciding on, Princess and Norwegian.

We still have some choices to make and we both wish it was already time to go but it's exciting to be planning it. Some of the itineraries that we like include Italy, Greece, and Egypt!
I will say one thing about this past week. Last night we went with some friends to a movie in the park. I love things like that! They are going to have one every Saturday this summer and that makes me happy.


StephanieRose said...

I love 5 oz otter pops and I miss eating them with you. I am so jealous of you and Cam going on the cruise. Hopefully one day I will follow in your footsteps.