Have a Seat

Hip Hip Hurray! Hip Hip Hurray! Congratulations Stephanie on your graduation from Notre Dame with a Masters in Accounting. You are one incredible cookie! (Sorry the picture's sideways, it wouldn't rotate like my other pictures) This is Stephanie at Notre Dame last summer on our trip.

This week has been pretty busy and consequently flew by quickly. Cam had a fun experience to go to Seattle and Portland for work on Monday and Tuesday. I was so excited to see him when he got back and I got off work on Wednesday. I miss my hubby when he's gone. He thought it was so cool because his meeting was only 50 feet from the Space Needle. I'm looking forward to visiting both Seattle and Portland soon!

In really big news... our sofa's finally got here!! They called us on Thursday to let us know they were in but the warehouse wasn't open until Friday at noon. You bet we picked them up not long after that. My favorite piece so far is the love seat. Both seats recline, and it ROCKS, literally. Each seat can rock independent of the other and it's just comfortable.

When we got the furniture in here I got looking at it and couldn't tell if it was sage like we ordered or if we got the wrong color and they gave us mocha. The box said sage I still look at it and think it looks brown. It's just the difference in the lighting and since we don't have florescent lighting like the store it doesn't look as light.

As a side note you can see a box for a TV stand on the wall next to the couch. We're trying to sell it after we bought it with gift certificates from our wedding and then got here and decided that we're going to buy a new TV soon and the stand would be too small to hold the size we want. The store wouldn't take it back because it's been over 90 days and so I listed it in the free bargain section of the local newspaper and on craigslist, but to no avail yet. Hopefully we'll get rid of it with not too big of a loss.

The recliner is comfy. I like to think of it as my reading chair. That's why I left my Harry Potter book on the arm from when I was reading earlier. You can also see our new folding chair that we got yesterday. Now we have places for people to sit when they come to our house (that aren't camping chairs).



Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

Nice couches!! Hey, Eric and I finally got Rage and think about you guys everytime we play :)