We're Cruisin'

Big news for us this past week... We booked our cruise and are SO excited! It was a bit of a roller coaster getting it booked though. When we originally went in and talked with a travel agent the total price she quoted us was very reasonable. It had been three weeks and when we went back in flights over to Europe had gone up so much that we didn't think we could afford the cruise. We left feeling a little dejected but the next day she called us back and had found a different itinerary flying into different airports and da da dah... our cruise was affordable again. This is our itinerary, and I think we couldn't have found a better vacation!!

It has been two weeks since I posted and I need to put up some pictures of a date we went on June 3rd. TNA Wrestling. Ha Ha Ha it was great, as you can see from the pictures. As we were leaving Cam asked me what I thought about it and I told him, "Pretty Ghetto Fabulous," and I think that is the best description I can give.

Here's our proof that we were actually there.

As you can see the wrestler in the middle of the rink was HUGE!

This is the famous Jeff Jarrett. J-E-Double-F J-A-Double-R-E-Double-T that's Double J Jeff Jarrett.
This past weekend Cam and I went on a tour of the B-Reactor on the Hanford site. I've only been on site once before and it was a pretty quick and informal tour.
The B-Reactor is the first full-scale nuclear reactor in the world. Built in just under a year, it is where they manufactured the plutonium that was in the "Fat Man" bomb that was dropped on Nagasaki at the end of WWII. Last year it was made a National Historic Landmark; the same as the White House or Gettysburg. It was all really neat to see. The tours are free but "sell out" really quick after they are made available online. If any one's interested they could get tickets for a tour next year and come visit us!

We also cut Cam's hair on Saturday. There are before and after pictures. See how much happier he looks with short hair.

Lastly, we will be coming to Utah the last weekend of this month and are really looking forward to it. Hopefully we'll get to see lots of you!


Aly said...

Oh my gosh Heather you are so lucky to go on a European cruise!!!! Have you ever been?? If not you will LOVE Italy!! It is absolutely incredible!! I'm jealous you get to go to Greece :) Have a blast!! I can't wait to see pics!!