Kennewick is King

As many of you know yesterday was 7/11, free Slurpee day. Even though Cam doesn't like Slurpees he took me to get a free 7.11 oz Slurpee (I also got his free Slurpee)! Something that many of you DON'T know is that Kennewick is King. There is a sign on our 7-11 with this slogan. Turns out here in Kennewick they sell the most Slurpees in the world. How cool is that?! Where a normal/average 7-11 would have about 6 flavors on 1 or 2 machines our 7-11 had about 15-20 flavors and 4-5 machines. I'm going to get Slurpees more often so we can keep our cherished title.

To confuse everyone I an not telling anything in order. so just enjoy the pictures and stories that accompany them.

Cam & I had such a beautiful 4th of July. It was the first day in triple digits here in the Tri-Cities and we decided to hike Badger Mountain, here in Richland. After the “hike” I came to the conclusion that #1: Badger Mountain is not a Mountain it’s more like a hill and #2: To hike you need trees, this “hike” was more like walking through a desert. Either way it was fun, I wore my hair in some crazy buns and my face was beet red when we got back down to the bottom.

Later in the afternoon we went and saw Transformers with our friends the Russell's and then the four of us got some pizza and watched the fireworks. We were up on a hill where we could see the fireworks in Kennewick by the river, in Pasco at the baseball stadium, and everything else that was being shot off all over the place. I got this fun picture of Cam as we were waiting for fireworks.

I took this picture about a week ago and I think it's very true to life. While we were in Utah Cam picked up his old basketball cards. He has quite the collection and has had a great time going through them. Anyone have cards they want to trade? :)

Our real fun was two weekends ago. We made the drive home to Utah for a long weekend, and I realized how much I really miss it. It was great to spend time with both sides of the family and see so many people. My little (though in size he’s big) brother Brian left on a mission to Auckland, New Zealand on July 8th and we went down to his missionary farewell. He’s great and I know he’s going to be a wonderful missionary!
Here’s a picture of Cam, me, and Steph after eating some lunch and lots of desserts. Steph and I were able to begin planning a super trip to Seattle in August to see a rockin’ concerts. It’s going to be great, I can tell already.

Three weekends ago we went out on the mighty Columbia River for the first time. It was a lot of fun in the sun! A friend of ours invited us out on a boat and we had a great time and lots of laughs. Cam got out in the water and got up on the wake board so I thought I’d include this video of him that I took on my phone.