Sky Diving

I know, original title, but I am like my friend Shauntae. Finding titles can be the hardest part of any post, so sometimes obvious is easiest.

This post is for my fabulous husband Cameron. We were looking through some pictures today and came across some of our ski diving pictures. Cam suggested I do a post since it happened a few months before I started the blog.

On my birthday weekend last year Cam took me ski diving! It was the best birthday present ever!! It was a rainy Labor Day weekend and we had tossed the idea around and then all of a sudden the sky cleared up and we drove down to Ogden, got in a plane, flew up to about 2000 feet and then jumped out a plane. :) They give you some instructions and then you get in the plane and get strapped to a professional. Taking the ride up in the airplane was the most nerve racking part. It felt like the plane might not make it! The actually jump was a piece of cake. You scoot up to the door, count to three and the person on your back gives the extra push out the door. Falling was such a cool feeling, it went too fast and was a wonderful experience.


Us in our gear (minus the flattering hat and glasses)

Me walking out to the plane, a nice action shot

Cam about to board the plane

Our Ride

If you look closely you can see both Cam and I coming down.

This one's me

About to hit the ground, it was actually a very soft landing

Cameron having the time of his life



Lauren & Brandon said...

OH MY GOSH YOU DID NOT!!!!!!! Ok I have secretly kind of wanted to try, but I'm way too scared!! Maybe I'll have to give it a try just to say I've done it. I bet it'd be so fun!

Lauren & Brandon said...

OH MY GOSH YOU DID NOT!!!! Ok I've actually secretly kind of wanted to try, but I'm way too scared! I bet it'd be way fun though! Maybe I'll have to try it!