Uh, HARRY POTTER, of Course

I didn't have any pictures from this week and a blog is funner to read when there's pictures so I put a few pictures of Cam and I on here.

Fourth of July weekend 2008, Ogden
End of Spring Break 2008. We picked Cam up at the Las Vegas Airport on our way home from California. We'd just gone on a cruise and he'd gone to Isreal.

Christmas Break 2007, Ogden

Billy Joel Concert 2007, SLC

HARRY POTTER #6 came to theatre's this week as the whole world knows. I went and saw it with some friends at midnight and it was well worth the lack of sleep. I would say it's the best movie so far, really well done. A few months back I started reading all the books again so I could be ready for the movie and it reminded me of how much I loved Harry Potter. I read 1, 2, 3, 4, watched 5, and read 6. I'm reading #7 right now and as soon as I started it I realized that I haven't read it since the day that I bought it and read it in less than 24 hours. I can't remember anything that happens and so it's like reading it for the first time again. Which is a treat for me, kind of like finding candy that you hid in the cupboard and forgot about. I did get pretty tired during the movie so I'm going to go see it again with Cam because I feel I need to see the film multiple times in the theatre.

So there it is, my plug for Harry Potter, those who really know me know that it was bound to happen. Harry Potter is just a part of who I am. :)

That's all of the legit news I have this week, so I'll share some random thoughts. I was thinking about why we buy things. Because it smells good, it looks good, it's pretty, it's useful, etc. The reason I was thinking of this is because I bought a shirt this week, it was only $6, but the reason I bought it is because it says "Free Spirit" and I knew I needed it to ride my bicycle, which is named Free Spirit. So needless to say sometimes my fashion can be based off random needs like having a shirt that "matches" my bike.


Elise said...

I have to say, that bike is probably one of the BEST gifts that we've ever given you!

StephanieRose said...

Harry Potter is part of you. That is why you are Heather Potter in my tele. I was thinking today how I sometimes get so wrapped up in imaginary world I forget that it isn't reality. I thought this because I have been watching my Gilmore Girls, Loving the Narnia serious and I am so excited to start the HP series again soon. And I also thought how I love sharing my love for all these things with you.