I've got your Back

I'd like to start this blog off by saying how sore my buttocks are. Yesterday I went on a 10 mile bike ride, and turns out the seat on my bike is not that comfortable. I didn't take any pictures but wanted to put a few up.

This is my first day in St George during the summer of 2007. Me and my Sister Steph when on a little ride around town. (I dressed up really pretty for the occasion as you can tell)

This is last summer, 2008, about 3 hours before Cameron proposed to me. We were at Santa Monica beach and he took me on my first tandem bike ride.

Okay, now back to the present. I haven't taken out my bike for a ride yet this year, just haven't had the chance. I bought two new tire tubes and decided that I'd ride my bike while Cam ran on Friday morning. It took a little over an hour on Thursday evening to change the back tire tube but I made due with the tools I had and got it done. On Friday morning the front tire needed a little air but as I pumped it up it just got flatter. My pump (that I think I bought for $1 about 3 years ago) stopped working and so I wasn't able to go with Cam. I bought a new pump and got everything fixed for Saturday morning. We started out and the first 5 miles were facing a strong head wind, which was no fun, but as soon as we turned around to run back it felt like a whole new ride. A piece of cake! Needless to say I like riding with a tail wind.

The wind's got my back.