I'm so lucky to have a good job up here in Washington.  I love the people that I work with and I'm learning a lot!  I'll just say there are so many rules and regulations when you're working with the government. 
The second best part of the day (the first being the end of the day) is lunchtime.  I have my Little Mermaid lunchbox that I got in 1st grade that I take with me every day to carry my lunch. In my office building most people will eat lunch in their offices or go out to eat. I'm cheap and prefer to bring my lunch from home but if I'm going to work for 9 hours then I want some change in my scenery. Even though it can be really hot I like to occasionally go outside and eat my lunch rather than sit in the break room.  Last week I decided to take some pictures with my phone.  There is a nice little pond that I go eat by.  There's wildlife, a fountain, and a trail around the edge.  The whole pond is man made and fairly small but a really great idea to give some variety around all the boring office buildings here in the desert.

As I was done taking pictures I noticed these, it seems that the pond area is dedicated to the heroes of 9/11.  I thought that was really cool.

There are a bunch of lily pads in the middle of the pond with pretty little flowers.
This is the caged part where they keep the little fish and duckies (aren't there so many?!?)
These are the geese.  I've seen some people bring a whole box of bread to feed to them and none of them were really interested.  The fish ended up eating more bread than the ducks or geese.
I don't know if you can tell the size of these fish, but they are HUGE!! It makes me wish I could show up after work with a fishing pole and have a good old time catching these GIANTS.
I liked this picture of the mommy duck and the little chick. (You can get a good comparison of the size of the fish too.)
So any fishers interested? J/K


Shauntae Marie said...

The pond is beautiful and you're beautiful and I miss you.