Coupon Showdown

I feel the need to put this out for everyone to read.  Cam and I just got back from a quick shopping trip at WinCo.  As we were checking out I handed the cashier two coupons, one for some crackers and the other for Airborne.  She scans the first and then scans the second but it doesn't work.  She looks up at me and tells me the coupon doesn't match anything I bought.  So I had Cameron get the Airborne out of the bag and I showed it to her.  She studies it for a second and then tells me it's not the same product.  Which it IS, and I'm just getting confused.  I tell her the coupon says "$1 off ANY Airborne product and that's an Airborne product." Right about this time the lady behind me in line gets involved...and I loved it.  Usually I hate having something like this happen because I hate holding up the line, but if the person behind me is going to be my advocate, then heck yes I will get my dollar. One of the funniest parts to me was when the cashier was trying to show me they were different because the picture on the coupon had different writing on the side of the package than the actual package.  If only she had seen the Office when Dwight drives the car right into the water.  You can't always trust machines.  Eventually the lady behind me said, "Then call a manager." And the cashier looked at me and said in a challenging tone, "Do you want me to call a manager?" and I said, "Yes." The manager came over, told her how to put in the coupon and I got my dollar off.  

I think I liked it so much because it felt like a small victory for me, when most of the time I would take the quiet way and just get ripped off a dollar.

So thank you again to the lady behind me in line, my coupon advocate!

P.S. Happy Birthday Sister!!


Lauren & Brandon said...

Ha ha ha ha Heather I absolutely love you!!! This made me laugh so hard! I had to read it to my husband too cause I thought it was so funny. You are great!!!