Pizza Thursdays

So I've got some interesting formatting this week
I hope it looks good when I post it, because I'm not
going to change it. :)

Cam and I have started a fun tradition,


Every Thursday we make our own pizza creations.

The one shown here is a meat lovers that I
came up with. Cam has all the creative ideas
and I'm more traditional, try to come up with
something I know that I'll like. I know this
is not a super flattering photo of myself,
but it shows my love for Pizza Thursdays.

The Beginning of Salony Family Traditions

Some of the pizzas we've had are BBQ,
Mediterranean, BLT, Taco, Alfredo Chicken
and Artichoke, etc. We've made about 10
pizzas and are going to go until we've run out
of ideas before making our favorites again.


Lauren & Brandon said...

What a fun idea! How do you make the pizza crust? I really want to make a pizza!