The Fox

Last night we went to a party at our friends, The Russell's. It was a mystery party titled, "The Fox" and it took place around the Revolutionary War. Turns out I was "The Fox" and was pretty sly because no one suspected me one bit.
One of the funnest parts was dressing up. I love to play dress up. Here are the costumes that Cam and I created for ourselves. Mine was an average women's blazer that I cut up and added lace to and then a plain old skit that I again added lace to and pinned a body pillow under to add some fluff. The pieces of Cameron's costume are harder to explain but his hat came from the corner of a bag and the rest were odd pieces from the thrift store that came to life when we started to cut them up. I think we did pretty good with our costumes.

(I need to change the fact that I don't take a lot of pictures. We only got a few pictures when we got there and didn't get any action shots or many of the other couples that were there. It's a shame because there were some good costumes.)