Our House

Well as I finished up the last blog, Cameron and I are building a house here in Washington! We've signed a contract and made our selections for colors, etc. We're really excited and the house will be done at the beginning of summer in enough time to get the tax credit.

Here are a few pictures I snapped the other day. This here is the view from the back of our lot.

They haven't broke ground yet but they did go stake everything out. It was fun to see where everything will lay and picture it completed.

We got a great deal on the lot and it's kind of a funny shape but it's a good sized lot and we'll have a HUGE backyard so we're looking forward to it.

More progress and pictures in the coming months.


Beka and Eric Sorensen said...

HOW EXCITING!! Looks like you're keeping busy between work, dress up parties, and adorable craftiness :) We miss you two and hope all is well. Love yah!

Emily and Ryan said...

We are so super excited for you guys! Keep the pictures coming so that we can see the house in progress.