Our Weekend Getaway

A few weeks ago we went adventuring for the long weekend. We'd wanted to go to Canada, but due to unforeseen circumstances ended up in Cour De Alene, ID. Our friends, the Blodgett's, were our travel buddies.

On our way we stopped in Spokane and looked around. Here we are at the Riverfront park.

And then we went to Gonzaga's campus. Did you know Bing Crosby went to Gonzaga? He did, I thought that was pretty cool. There was a little room/museum dedicated to him in the student center.

Don't feed the bears, you might get caught. (Odd that their mascot is a bull dog but there was this bear made to look like the bull dog)
Here are Carrie and I by Lake Cour De Alene. We took a fun little walk by the water.
Unfortunately Cameron and Kyle got a little too close to the edge.

We took a little drive to Wallace, ID. This is a small little town where Dante's Peak was filmed. They also claim that a manhole cover in the middle of town is the center of the Universe, so we got pictures at the center of the Universe. Also, another cool fact is that a man that looked almost identical to Harry Truman lived in Wallace. He was once mistaken for the President by one of the White House guards who let him onto the grounds of the White House.

Cameron is playing a fun little bowling game at this little store that had a bunch of vintage games.
Kyle and Cameron led Carrie and I into a basement that we got locked into. It was a creepy place but Cameron found us a way out.
From this picture you can see just how scary it was...being locked in there with Kyle.
On our way home we stopped in Spokane again and looked at some gardens, I'd love to go back when flowers are in bloom and everything is alive. It's a great place to take a stroll.
And last, but definitely not least is Jack and Dan's Tavern near Gonzaga. This is the bar that John Stockon's father owned. If you know Cameron at all you know he is a huge Jazz fan and this was a fun little treat. It's too bad John wasn't there while we were having lunch. We heard he comes in a few times a week.
Happy Adventuring!


JulieB said...

Heather- Carrie is one of my best friends from college!! That girl rocks. That is awesome you guys are friends. This is your cousin Julie btw.