When I have funny things happen to me I automatically think about putting them on my blog. Most never make it, but the few that have I hope don't seem too lame.

For our wedding Cameron and I received a 72-hour kit. I think it's a great gift idea to give to newly married couples who probably don't have any other food storage. It's just a small thermos mug thingy stuffed with food and a large label on the outside telling you what's inside and how to spread the food out over 3 days. The label also has a place to write when the kit was assembled and that it should be rotated every 2 years.

Cameron's been waiting for almost 2 years until I would let him eat the food inside so we could rotate new food in. As I was getting something out of the closet on Friday I thought I'd pull out the kit and dump out the food so I could put new food in. I noticed some fruit snacks and opened up a pack to snack on. They were a little harder than normal but still fine. Then I noticed a plastic baggie...it had something like Slim Jims in it...covered in MOLD!!! I was so disgusted, and I don't know what the individual was thinking when they put the kit together. Nothing should be out of it's original packing if you're going to save it for years. After seeing the mold I decided to look for expiration dates on the other food. The beef jerky was expired (but still in it's original package and not moldy), the Capri Sun was expired (March 17 2008, before we were married), even the Top Ramen was expired.

I guess it really is time to put new food in our 72-hour kit, but I have to chuckle when I think of how long someone had this kit before they gave it to us...already expired. Hopefully this post has encouraged someone to rotate their food a little quicker than we have.


StephanieRose said...

I hope whoever gave it to you had received it for their wedding... hahaha