Our Oasis

I've been wondering if I've been putting too many pictures on here, every one's going to see what the house looks like before they ever come visit, either way I hope we still have lots of house guests :) I just found out this week that a good friend of ours is going to come up the last week of May and we're excited for our other family and friends that have trips planned for later this summer.

This week the tile was put in the kitchen, bathrooms and entryway.
And we got landscaping...in the front (we'll be doing the grass in the back ourselves).
And stone around the garage, which really ties the exterior of the house together in my opinion.
This is our brontosaurus tree (that's what I like to call it). They're really popular around here and we ended up with one in our yard.
Our fire pit. We're going to rake all the rocks from the yard and put them in here to make the pit.
The hardware appeared in the kitchen. You can see all three in this picture.
Most light fixtures were put up.
The counter tops were put in the bathrooms and washroom.
Rods were put in the closets.
Here's the light fixture in the master bath.
So exciting, just a few more weeks!!


Alicia said...

I don't think you put too many pictures up. I love watching your house go up with you :-) And I am looking foward to watching you move in and everything so keep it up!!!

Alicia said...

Don't worry about too many pictures, keep them coming! They are fun and interesting. I'm excited for you guys. Plus, in 5 years you can have a blog printing company print it and save as a book.

Maranda - Aaron Dansereau said...

So exciting Heather! I love that I can see your house without visiting!! That is so fun that you are going to have a house of your own! Quite Jealous!!!! and by the way...love your red walls!!!