This April Fool's and Easter Week

I thought I should have a separate post for a few fun things I wanted to post about. I've had such a great week! Here's the highlights.

I've been working for CH2M HILL for a whole year! March 30th was a full year, and it has gone so quickly. The month of March was a busy one for me at work and this last week came back to a normal pace where I was able to get caught up on everything. It feels good to have time to breath while I'm at work. ;)

April Fool's Day. I got Cameron! I turned off the breakers for our apartment's power and then when he woke up I told him the power was off. He checked to make sure we still had work (I was trying not to laugh) and then I flipped the breakers back on about 3 minutes before we needed to leave with a big "April Fool's!" It was a good one and it only worked because he was still groggy and not on top of his game yet. He did get me that evening with the Saran wrap on the toilet trick, darn it!

This Easter weekend has been fun, it was great to have General Conference and Easter the same weekend and listen to President Monson and the leaders of the Church. I'm grateful that we have a prophet on the earth today to receive revelation for our day. This year Cameron and I didn't celebrate with baskets full of Easter candy, and I liked that. For me it helped to focus on our Savior's Resurrection.

We also had several fun activities we did this weekend. On Friday night we went out to dinner with several friends to a new restaurant in town called "New York Richie's" It's a pizza and sub place and it was really yummy. Today we had a beautiful Easter dinner with some new friends. There's just something about ham and potatoes that always tastes good to me.

Now for a little story...Remember when we moved in? It was exactly one year ago on April 1st. We were here without furniture and pretty much 'camping' in our apartment? Well we have a fireplace here in the apartment and we had bought a piece of wood to burn so we could roast s'mores at our 'camp site.' We've never done it and every weekend lately I've been trying to put our fireplace to use. We finally had a fire on Saturday night!! It was so fun to roast marshmallows, I probably ate too many but they were getting roasted so perfectly, it was great!

Last, but certainly not least, OTTER POPS!!! I saw some at Wal-mart yesterday and bought a box. For the past two months since I've been out of Otter Pops I've been telling one of my co-workers how much I was anticipating summer just so I could buy more Otter Pops. I've really been loving these as a sweet little snack. I take them to work and put them in the freezer and then eat them after lunch. I'm sure that I'm odd to some people with my pink Little Mermaid lunch box and eating Otter Pops, but it's just who I am. Hopefully these practices will keep me younger longer.


Lauren & Brandon said...

Ha ha Heather I think you're the cutest girl ever! I love that you pranked your husband on April Fool's day and the otter little mermaid lunchbox made me laugh!

Emily and Ryan said...

I'm so glad you got Cameron for April Fool's Day! The house is looking great. Ryan loves to see the pics of the progress.
OH, send me your address so that I can send you guys something!