The ALL Green Post

As promised here I am for "Round 2" this week ;)  If I had to make a comparison I would say mowing our lawn for the first time was like getting a baby's hair cut for the first time, we took plenty of pictures and it was a momentous occasion even though it will be done regularly the rest of it's life.

Here's a few more "before" pictures.

These are our stones that lead from the porch to the garden, you can see how overgrown some of them are.

And here's a picture from the back of the lawn.

These are the red ants that I found eating our sod on the side of the house... there's a big indent down to the dirt, can you believe that?! 

Here's some cute lady bugs that I found in the backyard.

There was a whole family, I counted about 8 but could only get a few in the picture.

Here's a progress picture.

Another progress picture, about a half an hour later.

And everything was done in a little over an hour.

You can see the stones to the garden in this picture here.

And here's a bug's view.

I also made a fondant cake for fun this week and decided to make it a grass cake.