Sitting and Watching the Grass Grow

So it looks like I haven't posted in awhile, and I've had several people remind me of that.... I have a lot to post, so I'll be posting a few times this week and then I'll post regularly all through September and October.

Here's our grass after one week, you can see the green tint starting to come up.

This is a close up after one week, look at those little tiny blades of grass. It made me SO happy that something was growing.

This was after about three weeks I think.

Current day: The first 10 feet is sod but the last 3 feet closest to the fence is the hydro seed, I mowed that little piece when I was mowing the sod this week

We plan to mow the entire lawn this Saturday and then put the fertilizer on.

This hydro-seed was definitely the way to go!

Our AMAZING shelves built by Ron Salony:

Cameron's Dad came and visited back in July and built these shelves in our garage. This shows the step by step progress.

You can see here how big they are.

From the side.

Stained and getting closer to completion.

Final Product, we've been able to put so much on them and still have room left over!

Our fabulous Carpenter, Dad! Thanks!!


Lauren & Brandon said...

How fun! Remind me where you are working again? I forgot. How is everything else going? You live in DC, right? Or am I totally off?

Ethan said...

The shelves look fantastic. I love them. And the lawn makes me just want to run and play on it.

Heather Salony said...

We're in Washington State working at the Hanford Site, but we did live in DC for a month last year... We're doing great, life's good and no complaints. How's everything with you?