Beach Day

It's a shame that summer's over and we only had one "Beach Day" by the river but here's a few photo's of documentation.

We met up with the Blodgett's and started over on the Richland side of the river and had some delicious hamburgers and waded a little, but the bugs were ferocious so we headed over to the Pasco side of the river.  When we got over there the river was higher than we expected and there was 6 inches of water over the sand we planned to sit on....but we sat there anyway. 

Here I am setting up shop. It was really nice to sit with my feet in the water and read.

Here's a little view from where we were. Isn't it pretty, it's the 300 area of Hanford.

Here's Kyle and Cameron showing off when they realized I was taking a picture.

Ahh, the lazy days of summer.