Where do I start after so long? I've had my time occupied by constant studying. Last August I decided that I wanted to take the Professional Human Resources (PHR) certification exam. It's a pretty tough test and is similar to a P.E. or C.P.A. you take the test, pass, and then have to continue to re-certify every couple of years through continued education, etc. So that's what I've been up to, I got my study materials in September and took my test on January 22nd up in Spokane. Every time I would have some 'free' time I would keep myself from getting on the computer and study instead, it's no excuse for not blogging, it's just what I decided I'd need to do. The test was nerve racking, but luckily you know if you pass or fail within a few minutes and I... PASSED!!

I received my official certificate last week and now just need a nice little frame so I can hang it in my office.  It's pretty funny because my wonderful co-workers threw me a party the week after my test and so many of them said they knew I'd pass, but I sure didn't and I think the nerves helped me do my best.